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Edison Private School

3720 East 4th ave, Hialeah, FL 33013 | |

School Head: Margarita Margarita Jimenez

Grades Served: PK1 through Grade 12

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Edison Private School was founded in 1968 by Dr. Caridad Perez. Located in the sixth largest city in Florida, Hialeah residents are predominantly Hispanic. In 2000 Dr. Caridad Perez passed the schools legacy to Margarita Jimenez-Foyo who set forth her vision enhancing the school’s community outreach and academic standards. Mrs. Jimenez-Foyo expanded the campus to once again include a High School program. Currently serving students from toddlers through 12th grade, Edison Private School is accredited by NECPA, COBIS, NIPSA, and AdvanED. Throughout our history the school community has remained committed to creating an environment in which students are supported, challenged, and encouraged to grow into respectful, well rounded individuals and intellectually curious students.