School Profile

Crenshaw Academy, Inc.

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School Head: Ms. Brenda Crenshaw

Grades Served: Kindergarten - 12th Grade

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Description of School Population:
The Crenshaw School is a private college preparatory school with a well-earned reputation for educational excellence. We welcome students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
We also have incredible programs in development for international students, and are excited to reveal those in the upcoming months.

School Program:
Small class sizes and close faculty-student-parent relationships are integral to the Crenshaw education. Because of this, our teaching staff is in the unique position to reach students with various learning styles.
In this environment, we foster our student’s natural capacity for intellectual analysis, problem-solving, and independence of thought, as well as mastery of life-long skills. This includes:
• Debate
• Discussion
• Writing
• Reading
• Questioning
• Experimenting
Students learn the importance of self-discovery and education in a collegial environment, emphasizing academics, the arts, athletics, and community service.
All of these aspects blend together seamlessly into our Entrepreneurial Program, implemented for our Upper School students. This program provides:
• Technical skill proficiency
• Communications skills
• Forms of business ownership and organizational structures
• Supervisory/managerial functions and skills
• Accounting concepts and practices
• Business law concepts
• Governmental regulations
• Financial and data analysis
• Cross-cultural communications
• Legal agreements
• Trade relations
• And much more
When Crenshaw students graduate, they will be prepared to interact in the world of business and international trade in ways well beyond their years. This helps them enter the working world with far more confidence and functional know-how: an incredibly rare and valuable commodity.
Teaching begins with the ability to make learning the antithesis of a chore. At Crenshaw, our students learn and, more importantly, learn to love learning.